Magical Feminine Retreat "Intuition and Intention”

Beautiful Woman,
I invite you to embark on a journey towards
your true power, which is within yourself. 


In my ‘Intuition and Intention’ Magical Feminine Retreat with all-inclusive system, you will experience: 

  • Through Meditation, Yoga and Dance as Medicine, we will awaken the intuition and the power of our intentions from our Sacred Feminine. You do not need previous experience. We will teach you everything, step by step.

  • We will be in total communion with nature. We will take walks to remote beaches and walks to places full of beauty and culture. Baths in the sea, total relaxation and spectacular sunsets. Observation of the moon and stars.

  • We will work our connection with Mother Earth from our own body. We will activate female magic from our creativity and sensuality, generating emotional alchemy.

  • We will receive an exquisite and organic diet, from farm to plate. The food here at Yandara Yoga Institute is very tasty, you are going to nurture and satisfy yourself like a goddess. You will love it!

  • Sister, I invite you to activate your own feminine magic in an enchanted place, which is a totally peaceful and pristine paradise in the middle of the most beautiful nature: Yandara Yoga (labeled) in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

  • The earth, the sun, the sea, the mountains, the palm trees, the golden sand, the saguaros and the pure air, make Yandara Yoga the perfect environment for this kind of powerful and metaphysical work.

  • We are going to stay in some beautiful eco chic SINGLE glampers with a double bed and all the comforts, in total contact with nature. 

Dates: June 18 – 23th, 2021 
Location: Yandara-Yoga, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

We are going to stay in beautiful eco chic glampers with all the comforts, in total contact with nature.
Dates: June 18-23, 2021

What does the price of my Retreat include?

Discover everything that my ‘Intuition and Intention’ Magical Feminine Retreat includes: 


  • 5 nights accommodation at Yandara Yoga, in individual glampers, eco chic and with a double bed.

  • All classes and workshops with Hari Darshan

  • Breakfast, lunch and organic and exquisite food, straight from the garden to your plate.

  • Hydration station with fruity water, infusions and coffee at all times.

  • Round trip transfer to Yandara Yoga (only from San Jose del Cabo airport).

  • All walks, hikes and excursions.

  • Time to relax, sunbathe and bathe in the sea or pool.

  • Spaces to integrate and reflect everything learned.

To get to Yandara Yoga, buy your ticket from the city where you are, to the San José del Cabo airport.

A private transportation will be waiting for you with a sign with your name to bring you to paradise where you will raise your feminine energy in harmony with the earth. 

Dates: June 18-23, 2021

Value of my Magical Feminine Retreat , all-inclusive system: $1 ,290

Air ticket price not included. 

This retreat will be bilingual, English/Spanish. If you like to receive all the information directly in you inbox, please send me an email to:

I find myself very eager to work our sacred feminine power together.
I hug you with my Soul. 💜🌈
Infinite blessings!

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